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bodytrace’s escale wants to set up a social networking site for weight watchers

Some say that the best motivation is the fear of humiliation. Want to graduate at the top of your batch? Tell everyone you know! Supposedly this will make you work extra hard, because you already gave your word, and failure will only give the people around you the license to point out how much of a loser you are. If you’re trying to manage your weight and you want to try that technique out, you might want to check out BodyTrace and their upcoming bathroom scale, simply called eScale. Unlike regular bathroom scales, the eScale can keep a record of stats like weight or BMI and post it online. And BodyTrace is expecting that people will be wiling to pay for that.

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The eScale is equipped with an LED display, and can measure up to 300 lbs. As I said, the eScale sends your stats to BodyTrace’s website using a GSM network. You don’t need to pair it with a computer or anything like that, although I’m wondering if it’s like a mobile phone in that the signal strength will vary. By the way, the eScale will only be able to transmit data from the US, for now at least. BodyTrace envisions a Facebook-like setup wherein people will share their stats and their thoughts about their common dilemma. Below is a sample of the website:

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Good for DreamGirl7. But going back to the earlier technique, this could turn out to be quite embarrassing for people who don’t lose or gain as much weight as they intended, even if only your friends can see your profile. Of course, you can always trick the system – put something or someone else on the eScale – but that would be missing the point, and it’s quite a pricey point at that: the eScale will be available starting this September for $119 (USD). If you want to subscribe to the online service you’ll have to pay an additional $20 for every 3 months, but as an introductory offer BodyTrace is giving away 3 months for free if you’ll pre-order it now at their website. Are you man – or woman – enough to try the BodyTrace challenge?

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