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top-best-new-latest-cool-fun-coolest-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-Blink Now (Image courtesy Devellion Limited)

At first I maybe thought this was a well-Photoshopped prank by someone who doesn’t really understand the statute of limitations regarding April Fool’s Day. Then I thought it was maybe something The Onion had cooked up. But by jove I do believe it is a real product. Designed to combat CVS, or computer vision syndrome, which can result from extended computer use, the Blink Now is a small LCD display that sits perched atop your monitor showing a creepy single eye that blinks at random intervals. The idea I guess is to subliminally remind yourself to blink while working on a computer to avoid eye strain.

Alternately, you can simply head over to the BLAZE website and check out the ~$79 (£49.99) pre-order price for this contraption (available mid-November) at which point your eyes should get a healthy Tex Avery-style workout as they pop out of your skull.

Alternately, alternately, just order a pair of these hi-larious novelty electronic blinking eyeballs and laugh yourself free of CVS. (Note: Laughter may or may not cure CVS. Note note: CVS may not actually exist.)

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