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Many people are drinking bottled water nowadays because they are suspicious of ingredients that might be hidden in regular tap water. Only downside of bottled water is that there are too many plastic bottles being used every day, but there are also all sorts of reusable bottles that have built in filters – its just that they never get noticed. Even if these bottles have existed for some time, none of them have had a design like this one.


It is called 321 Water and it comes from the company called Half a Teaspoon. Interesting thing about these bottles is that they have their own water purifiers. Although it seems like nothing special you’ll have to see it to believe it, because these filters are looking like an alien tube. With the white design of the bottles and the light blue color of the alien tube filter these bottles look rather attractive. Design is simple and amazing but how do they work?

Simple enough, you just fill 321 Water bottle with tap water, insert the filter into the bottle and let the filter do all the work. It has carbon block so it will remove chlorine and all other unpleasant tastes leaving you with purified fresh water.  It can be used more than 100 times and it can purify 50 liters of water. As for the price and release date, we should see these bottles in stores in before July but you can still per-order them for 44.60$ from the manufacturing company.

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