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top latest cool kitchen gadgets musical cake knife Musical Cake Knife
The Musical Cake Knifetop latest cool kitchen gadgets  Musical Cake Knife adds a feature you’ve always wanted in a cake knife but never knew could be possible- music! Oh wait, you don’t want your knife to play one of three lovely pre-programmed songs (Happy Birthday, Jolly Good Fellow, Wedding March)? No problem, you can program the knife to play one of your own songs!

It has a mini-stereo plug and cable to hook it up to your microphone or computer to put ANY SONG you want on the knife. The prankster possibilities are endless (Fat by Weird Al comes to mind). Or you could get sentimental or personal with your song choices. Plus it has a stainless steel blade to actually cut the cake. Yes I just listed the blade as an additional feature on a knife. It’s one of those days.

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