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I’m having one of those days where I just don’t feel like I’m firing on all cylinders. I swear part of my brain is sleeping. Everyone knows how that goes, but most of us like to stimulate our brains with a strong mug of coffee or a power smoothie in the morning. Some people, on the other hand, want something a bit more…direct. Why ingest chemicals that can stimulate your brain when you can just stimulate it directly, with the Magnetic Brain Stimulator?

The stimulator is non-invasive, and the company claims that it generates an electromagnetic field reaching up to three centimeters into the brain, when you hold the device up to your head. Much like Dan Costa’s experiment with the Hairmax Laser Comb (How’s that going, Dan?), you hold the device straight up to your head, and it starts to work its magic.

The electromagnetic pulse that it puts out is supposed to, “stimulate the prefrontal cortex and paralimbic blood flow to give the patient a feel-good factor.” The device was designed for psychiatrists who were looking for a non-invasive, non-chemical method of treating mild depression or the “casual blues.”

Possible side-effects include: post-treatment headache, muscle twitching, pain at the part of your head where the device was positioned, and possible seizures. Ouch. The device is currently up for FDA approval, and psychiatrists are looking to use it regularly for patients who have a hard time sticking to medication or electroshock therapy. Science? Pseudo-science? I suppose we’ll have to wait for the FDA review to find out.

[ via Wired ]

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