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It’s no secret that I love toast, and that I love designer toast even more, but finally there’s a device that brings together my love for toast, playing with my food, and all things pirate. The Pirate Toaster is probably one of the most attractive toasters I’ve ever seen, painted black and shiny, with two slots and an adjustable setting for how dark you like your toast. On the side is the infamous Jolly Roger, the skull-and-crossbones logo that declares to anyone wandering into your kitchen that you take your toast very seriously. As if that weren’t enough to get the message across, “sweet toast of mine” is printed underneath the skull and crossbones, so anyone looking knows you’ll keelhaul them for perfectly toasted bread.

Additionally, when you make your morning toast or serve breakfast to friends or loved ones, this toaster makes sure that they never forget your passion for pirates and brands the same skull and crossbones logo onto the side of your toast. Pirate toast; perfect compliment to a morning cup of coffee. If you understand the German on the product page, one can be yours for 32.95 Euros (just over $43 USD).

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