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Even though many of our electronic products now contain a rechargeable lithium battery, there are many more devices that still require a few AA’s. A rechargeable battery sounds good, one that’s charged right out of the box is even better and Panasonic’s new nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery looks to satisfy our power needs and then some.

The Infinium battery comes pre-charged and ready to go if there’s a gadget that just can’t wait for it to charge. It also boasts the ability to retain up to 80 percent of its power over six months and is highly resistant to discharge, unlike its rechargeable battery brethren. For those who enjoy long term commitments, the Infinium can also be charged up to 1,000 times – just don’t expect it to remember your anniversary.

It’s nice to see these kinds of improvements being made to the battery but I wish I had more gadgets that still made use out of them. Many of my own electronic devices now come with their own lithium batteries and aside from certain digital cameras (of which I can see getting the most benefit), there isn’t as much of a need for AA’s in my household as there would have been 5 years ago. Still, that Nintendo Wii controller does eat through batteries like a Cookie Monster trapped in an Oreo factory, so maybe there’s a place for the Infinium after all. It’ll be available in both AA and AAA sizes and a 4-pack will retail for $10.99 and the charging kit will be between $19.99 and $24.99.

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