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Actress-turned-writer Danica McKellar isn’t the only one who’s making math cool again with her new textbook, “Math Doesn’t Suck.” Texas Instruments’ introduced its stylish TI-84 Plus Silver Edition graphing calculator ($134.99). Available in five limited-edition colors such as pink, teal and blue, it comes pre-loaded with more than 20 applications for math and science education, including 1,000 SAT and ACT test prep questions, a periodic table, and a Polynomial Root Finder/Simultaneous Equation Solver (hhmm, I have no idea what that is!). With the included USB cable, students can download up to 94 free applications to the device.

The TI84 Plus also boasts 2.5 times the processor speed of the TI-83 Plus, 7 different graph styles, 14 interactive zoom features, and internal clock with date. The graphing calculator comes with a black face plate and slide case. Students wishing to personalize their graphing calculator even further can choose from 14 colored face plates as well as slide cases (both sold separately).

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