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The human head is a valuable asset for various reasons. It contains our very important brains, provides a wonderful, if not temporary home for our hair and happens to be perfectly shaped to the specifications of a hat. While the truth behind the evolution of human heads to fit a variety of hats is unknown, “Mad” Randy Flann has blazed a trail in liquid holding headgear. His latest creation, the RoFo InfoGadg Headgear, marries beverage filling antics with geek hat sensibility.

Promises of technological glory abound with the RoFo InfoGadg Headgear. Made of polyurethane and weighing 1½ pounds empty and 5 pounds full, the device goes beyond the tried and true 2 liters of beverage pouring design. Randall Flann has responded to low-tech criticism by upgrading his headgear for the new millennium. A black, 6-inch flat-panel hologram monitor sits atop of the device, allowing you to place information in a way not seen since the bulletin board. The RoFo Wireless Ultrasonic Mouse Pad Tap rounds out the set of features by allowing you obtain your favorite beverage while saying, “I have truly given up on looking cool.”

Surely, those deep into their overnight marathon of computer gaming shouldn’t have to worry about tilting a bottle to pour their drink and this one size fits all gadget goes for $29.99. The RoFo InfoGadg Headgear allows you to pour without leaving the comfort of your computer chair and is now techie enough to satisfy even the most hardcore of gadget geeks.

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