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Those long road trips with the family (or even your carpool with coworkers) would go much faster if your laptop, MP3 player, or portable DVD player didn’t die in the middle of the trip. If you don’t have a spare battery, you’re out of luck until you get to your destination and have a chance to recharge. Coleman, makers of camping and travel equipment, is hoping to change the way we go on long car trips with the Headrest Power Inverter.

Sling the power inverter around the back of the driver and front passenger headrests, and to a person sitting in the backseat, it looks like there’s a power strip attached to the driver’s seat. The inverter is then plugged into any cigarette lighter or in-car power adapter, and the juice is converted to 2 regular 110-volt outlets that you’d find at home. Just plug in your gadget of choice and you can charge up your batteries, open up your laptop in the back seat to get some work done on the way to the office, or plug in your iPod charger so the tunes won’t stop 6 hours into an 8 hour drive. The power inverter is available now for about $60, well worth the price when you consider you might never have to hear “Are we there yet” ever again. [Via UberGizmo ]

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