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Halloween is just days away, but you still have time to geekify your gadgets for the frightening holiday. As promised, Gearlog presents Part 2 of our list of scary Halloween gadgets. Make sure to check out Part 1 to see the first ten gadgets.

Non-Photogenic Portraits
These Haunted Portraits could scare the living daylights out of anyone. As if these photos weren’t creepy enough as is, just wait until they change into their postmortem selves. Firebox described the portraits best: “There are three Haunted Portraits to collect: Uncle Charles, a dapper chap who becomes a rotting cadaver; Little Ruthie (cue demonic nursery rhymes), a sweet little girl who moonlights as a bloodthirsty vampire; and Granny Hazel, a stern looking old biddy who morphs into a decomposing zombie. Which is nice.” (That’s Granny, at left.) At only about $16, these photos will make a nice addition to your home decay… er, decor.

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Drive Your Co-Workers Crazy–Literally
This is really a genius idea. Plug in the Haunted USB Cable ($17.99), via Shiny Shiny, and watch your co-worker go mad. The CAPS LOCK light blinks once after you insert it into the computer to let you know the cable is working. Then it starts to randomly Insert, Delete, Tab, and so on., with up to 30 minutes between events. When your coworker finally checks the cables, he or she will find a cable that looks as if it was chopped off at the end. Even techies will be befuddled. Could it be the ghost of computers past?

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These Ain’t No Ordinary Bubbles
You could get an ordinary fog machine and have an ordinarily foggy house, or you could foggify your house with bubbles! Not much to this one: It’s simply a machine that makes foggy bubbles. When they pop, you have fog. Magic. The Bubble Fogger, via Random Good Stuff, is available on Amazon for $57.99.

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Dead Fred is Seriously Scary
Here’s how to ward off unwanted solicitors: Unleash Dead Fred (via DVICE). For a hefty $2,650, Dead Fred groans, screams, and shouts as people walk by. You can even remote-control him to chase people with his entrails dragging behind him. Your trick-or-treaters may never sleep again. If you’ve got the cash, why not use it on something that will scare children for years to come? You’ll save on the candy costs.

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Gargoyles: Good for the Environment
Go green this Halloween with the Solar-Powered Gargoyle ($34.95) via Ubergizmo. After charging up in the sun, the gargoyle lights up at night to cast an eerie glow over your yard. The statue stands 8 inches tall and is made of weather-resistant poly-resin. And you don’t even have to take it down after Halloween; gargoyles are so hot right now.

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Dine in the Dark
You can now do something you’ve always wanted to do: eat in the dark. OK, maybe that’s not your life’s dream, but it would be pretty cool at a party. The Luminous Fiber Optics Tablecloth ($299), via CNET is equipped with plastic optical fibers that are woven together with the regular threads and powered by discreet batteries. They’re also hand-washable, in case you make a mess.

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Light Show On Your House
Are you tired of making ghosts for your yard out of old sheets that get wet in the rain? Now you can save yourself the hassle of wringing out those soggy bedsheets every day. The All Occasion Light Display Projector($99.95), via Coolest-Gadgets, is a weatherproof projector box that lets you display different slides on the side of your house. The projector comes with 16 interchangeable slides that slip into the lamp; for Halloween, you can project ghosts, bats, or witches. The projector can move the images, too, making your Halloween characters fly around your house.

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Did That Book Just Move, Or Is It Me?
Your friends will ask that very question as they pass your bookshelf. Simply place the set of Possessed Books ($14.97) along with others in your library and wait until your guest walks by. A motion sensor activates the book to move and emit a “spooky sound.”

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Addicted To Your Cellphone
If you’re the type of person who needs your cellphone about as much as you need the blood flowing through your veins, then the Blood Drip Phone Strap($6.41), via Shiny Shiny, is the perfect accessory: It’s a phone charm that looks like a bag of blood. You can personalize it to display your blood type on the bag.

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Grotesque Mic Records Realistic Sound
This mic is perfect to for Halloween, but there’s no reason you can’t use it on other days too. The Binaural Recording Mic from Otokinoko costs a whopping $4,143, but is an easy way to record the most realistic sound possible. According to the product site: “Binaural recording allows you to record sounds the same way they are heard in real, life by placing the two microphones in the same position as human ears. The resulting playback in omnidirectional 3D-sound is more realistic than normal stereo because of the subtle shifts in feeling.” Ear-y!

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