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new cool best high technology gadgets gift ecodrain.jpgIANAP. I am not a plumber. Still the idea of the EcoDrain is intriguing. From Canada, the EcoDrain claims to “cut water heater use by 25%-40%.” Considering the expense of heating tap water this is no small claim! And the EcoDrain does it in a way so simple you’ll wonder why no one thought of it sooner.

“The EcoDrain™ is a small, easy-to-install device with no moving parts. The key to saving you money is the heat-exchange channels. These flattened, sealed channels were developed to maximize the surface area of the heat transfer space and to create optimum flow turbulence in the outgoing waste water and incoming fresh water. The EcoDrain™ is installed directly in the shower drain line and features a double wall of separation between fresh and waste water to eliminate the possibility of mixing, plus an interior non-stick coating to prevent soap, hair or debris collecting inside.”

When you take a shower water is heated, flows down on your body, then beats a hasty retreat through the drain. It’s now waste water and though not as hot as when it left your water heater it s still warm. Why not use that warmth to help preheat any additional water moving toward the shower head?

We’re not talking recycling. Dirty water never touches clean. It’s only heat energy that’s being transferred.

The EcoDrain is new. Building codes are stringent. Right now you can’t install it everywhere. However, if the concept is as good as claimed (is anything ever really as good as claimed) this could be a big and easy energy saver in new construction. Installation concerns make this iffy where pipes and walls already exist.

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