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When you first encounter the DigitalLife showroom floor, one of the first things to catch your eye will be the big Dance Dance Revolution booth, run by a Ryan Seacrest knockoff who’s handing out prizes–Chip Ahoy cookies–to some of the more…creative contestants. As it has in all previous incarnations, gaming is playing a large role in the fourth year of DigitalLife.

Walk to the back of the Javits Center, and you’ll find a good portion of the rear wall monopolized by the Intel Dell Extreme Gaming Tour, a mobile gaming marathon run out the back of a branded big-rig, boasting a good spread of Dell and Alienware PCs.

Pac-man proprietor Namco also has a strong showing, with a booth staffed by employees donning hats in the form of their little yellow star. And of course, Mr. and Mrs. Pac-man are wandering the floor, gobbling up photo ops like so many power pellets.

There are also a bands of hobbits and elves (top picture) roaming the floor to promote the new Lord of the Rings MMORPG, Shadows of Angmar, a graphically impressive online game by Turbine that exists smack dab in the middle of geek obsessions with Tolkien and games like World of Warcraft.

The real gaming star of the show, however, is Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Red Octane’s latest version of the megapopular series debuted at the show yesterday and has thus far proved a massive hit, featuring a new soundtrack and wireless controls (pictured below).

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