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We’ve reached the midpoint of the baseball season, which means a couple things: First, it’s too darn hot to sit outside in the blazing sun for a four-hour game (I’ve got the sunburn to prove it). Second, it’s time for the All-Star Game–the day the best-of-the-best hit the field. As for the rest of us, we sit on the sidelines playing our fantasy baseball games and hacking away at curveballs on our Nintendo Wii.

In fact, there’s a whole crop of tech devices inspired by our national pastime. So, for those of us who may never make it to the big show, here are a few gizmos to keep you in the game:

Radar Pitch Baseball:

new cool best high technology gadgets gift RadarPitchBaseball.jpg
Ever wish you could get a radar gun to see how fast your kid’s little league fastball is? If you have, you could always head out to the batting cages or local arcade and try your arm at one of the pitching machines. Save your quarters. This regulation-sized baseball ($25) clocks your throws of up to 80 feet and displays an accurate speed reading on its LCD screen up to 120 mph. (PS: If you or your kid can throw that fast, you may want to consider a career change.)

Stadium Special AM/FM Binoculars:

new cool best high technology gadgets gift AM FM Binocs.jpg

Those of us without pricey field-level seats or friends with corporate boxes tend to miss a lot of the game from the cheap seats. This combo gadget solves that problem two ways: Its 8-by-18 binoculars magnify the field in front of you, and the built-in AM/FM radio receiver can keep you tuned into the home team’s local radio broadcast. The lenses fold into a compact package, that comes complete with lens cleaner, stereo earbuds, neck strap, and belt loop (currently on sale for $29.95).

Executive Batting Practice:

new cool best high technology gadgets gift Executive Batting Practice.jpg
This is a great way to take out some pent-up office aggression or just sneak away from the grind for a bit. The package ($24.95) includes a desktop-sized battery-operated pitching machine, 12 plastic mini baseballs, and a collapsible bat. I’d suggest this batting set for those with offices that have doors and not just a small cubicle; god knows we’re not pros, and our cuts are bound to send more balls foul than a major leaguer.

The Qmotions-Baseball Full Motion Game Controller (PC and Xbox):

new cool best high technology gadgets gift QMotions-Baseball.jpg
And you thought hitting a ball in real life took some crazy coordination. Try hitting one of the swing-type buttons on this controller set’s home plate while timing your swing and not clocking someone else in the room upside the head with the included bat (eh, forget that last part, the 27-inch bat is foam anyway). It doesn’t end there, though, control on the plate allow you to move your base runners to steal, advance on hit balls, and slides. The full-motion simulator is compatible with either your PC or Xbox ($49.95).


new cool best high technology gadgets gift LiveBoard
For those of us who prefer to stay on the sidelines, there’s this handy desktop contraption. Keep track of your favorite team’s current game status via a Bluetooth connection to your PC. Sure, its $300 price tag may seem a bit steep, but if you check out our full hand-on review, you may think differently.

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