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If you’re a little wary of heading back to your car at night in a deserted parking garage, or if you live on what a lot of people might call “the bad side of town,” a product like this might be of interest to you. The Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun is shaped like a pair of brass knuckles, and you wear it just like one: over your closed fist. On your way out of the office, just pull the Knuckle Blaster out of your bag or purse, slip it over your fingers, and should anyone come after you threaten to harm you, one jab with the Knuckle Blaster will send 950,000 volts through the assailant’s body in an instant, ideally rendering him or her harmless long enough for you to get away.

The Knuckle Blaster is powered by a pair of Lithium batteries, and there’s no information on how many charges the weapon holds or how to recharge or replace the batteries, just that it comes with two. The product description sports its contour grip and rubber coating, presumably so you don’t shock yourself, and that it comes with a leather coaster, but doesn’t offer any suggestions to keep the kids from snagging it and taking to school and getting into a world of trouble, or how to make sure the criminals you’re trying to protect yourself against don’t get one of their own. The description does list off the many jurisdictions and states where it’s illegal to sell or own one of these devices though, so check the list before laying down the $69.95 required to get one. [via Ubergizmo]

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