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The Asahi Robocco BeerBot is a miracle of modern technology. I’ve been waiting a long time for a robot that can keep my drinks cold and pour them for me as well, and now that time has come. Unlike the Beer Launching Fridge, which delivers you beer to you in its can and likely so shaken up that you don’t want to open it, the BeerBot keeps your beer chilled in its refrigerated body, and then, on command, raises its top, pulls a can of beer from the cold compartment, opens it, and then pours it into a mug or glass of your choice. The robot is Japanese, so expect cute emoticons on its head-mounded LED display and adorable sounds of effort while it preps your drink.

The Robocco BeerBot was originally part of a contest that Japanese beer company Asahi ran, and several of them were used as promotional bots to advertise the company’s offerings. Now that the contest is over, you can order you own “gently used” BeerBot from CScout Japan for just under $800 USD (insured shipping will cost an extra $100), complete with operating manual in English and Japanese. It looks like the makers of the BeerBot expected their invention to catch on around the world, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a few in North America very soon. Granted, this could all be a cover for the inevitable robot uprising, but I for one welcome our new beer-pouring masters. You can see the Robocco BeerBot in action here.

[ via Technabob ]

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