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If you have a beautiful voice then do yourself a favor and capture it to share with the world. Create unparalleled recordings and send them directly to your computer with Blue Microphone’s Yeti USB Microphone. As the world’s first THX-Certified microphone, the Yeti uses Blue Microphone’s proprietary tri-capsule technology to produce pristine, studio-quality recordings. It features four different pattern settings so you can record vocals, instrumental music, podcasts, or interviews in ways that would normally require multiple microphones. With simple controls for headphone volume, pattern selection, instant mute, and microphone gain, you’ll be creating exceptional recordings right out of the box.

The Blue Mics Yeti is the most advanced and versatile multi-pattern USB Microphone available anywhere. Combining three capsules and four different pattern settings, the Yeti is the ultimate tool for creating amazing recordings, directly to your computer. THX Certified for exceptional sound and performance, the Yeti can capture anything with a clarity; ease unheard of in a USB microphone. The ultimate professional USB Microphone The Yeti features Blue’s innovative triple capsule array, allowing for recording in stereo or your choice of three unique patterns, including cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional, giving you recording capabilities usually requiring multiple microphones.


    Tri-capsule array 3 condenser capsules can record almost any situation
    Multiple pattern selection cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo
    Gain control, mute button, zero-latency headphone output
    Perfect for vocals, musical instruments, podcasting, voiceovers, interviews, field recordings, conference calls
    Plug n play Mac and PC compatible

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