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Mobile phones coming with Bluetooth technology has undoubtedly come a long way till present and have definitely become a requirement of mobile phone users. This is because it allows the user to talk on a call without the trouble of using wires for hands-free headsets and the user can also enjoy the music using these Bluetooth facilities.

Following article gives you a list of the top ten Bluetooth headsets that you can easily get from the mobile phone and electronic markets. To take advantage of these facilities, first you should have a mobile phone or a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with Bluetooth technology.

Things You Should Keep In Mind:

Before buying a Bluetooth headset, following are the things you should keep in mind.

First of all, check if you are comfortable puttying that headset on. Make sure that you are comfortable because as if it is not comfortable its long use can give you rashes or sores. Also make sure that that you can wear the headset along with your spectacles or goggles.

Check out voice clarity the headset is giving, as it is the main requirement you want to be fulfilled. Before deciding for a particular headset, first check out different headsets and then choose one considering the usage requirements. As advantages of headsets vary a lot and it depends on its user and his/her user requirements, so one headset which is advantageous and promising for one user, may not be that much advantageous for the other user.

Best Bluetooth Headsets Available In the Market:

1. Plantronics Discovery 925: This one is for the Apple iPhone, which has one of the most beautiful and contemporary designs.


2. Samsung SBH-600: A good stereo headset which is most appropriate for listening to music than using on a mobile phone. It’s another main feature is that it comes with a 3.5-millimeter headset jack.


3. Motorola Endeavor HX1: This product launched by Motorola has Crystal Talk noise-cancellation technology that effectively controls the background noise from reaching out to the person on the other side.

4. Jawbone ICON (The Ace): It is currently the most beautiful Bluetooth headset. Its stylish design and new features make it the best iPhone Bluetooth Plantronics Voyager 855: The most suitable headset for office use and personal entertainment. Basically it is a Bluetooth headset for one ear; but it can be used with a cord which will transformed it into a stereo headset.


6. Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800: Sony’s HBH-IS800 is the best Bluetooth stereo headset you can get. It comes with a top-notch sound quality for both calls and audio.

7. LG HBS-250: LG HBS­—250 is a very considerable option for those who want a good sound quality, without in-ear plugs. This product has ear muffs connected with short wires that can be worn very comfortably.


8. BlueAnt Q1: together with an attractive look, it enables the user to control all the functions by using his/her voice only as it has a voice user interface facility.


9. Jabra BT3030: This product launched by Jabra has very easy-to-operate controls and comes with a 3.5 mm head jack. And its price is also low.


10.Jabra BT530: This product’s main feature is its hook changing feature which enables it to fit on any ear shape.

These are the Bluetooth headsets available in markets which are best to be used, although your choice may vary according to your preferences.

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