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There is nothing more amusing and entertaining than a sleek home theatre when you are bored to death. Home theatres can provide hours of amusement and entertainment. Following is the list of top ten home theatres available in the market today.

1. Bose Lifestyle 48 Home Entertainment System

With five speakers in its arsenal, the home theatre gives some of the most awesome sound effects. When couples with DVD/CD surround sound, this monster can really turn around a boring party. It also has the customization option. With an excellent multi room audio output this audio system supports all kinds of media formats including DVD, DVD-R, Video CD, CD-R, CD and CD-RW.

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2. Sony BDV-IT 1000 ES

When it comes to quality of sound effects, Sony has no comparison. And this perfection becomes clearly visible with the Sony BDV-IT 1000ES. With a total power of 700W, the home theatre comes with full range speaker drive units.

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3. Onkyo HT-S990THX

This home theatre offers exceptional sound quality and effects. Its features include Seven Large Speakers, XM Satellite Radio, 12 inch Powered Subwoofer, A/V Receiver. There also is HDTV video switching option, iPod Dock Compatibility and XM radio.

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4. Harmon/Kardon HS 300

This gizmo has the coolest functions of all. The sound quality is nothing short of amazing as it offers a wide range of features for audio entertainment. There also is a AV receiver, Video Player, DVD Audio player, powered subwoofer and five two-way satellites accompanying this home theatre.

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5. Samsung HT BD2

The home theatre comes with a Blu-ray which means that the sound and video quality you get will be the best anyone can offer. It also includes features such as dedicated subwoofers, four speakers, centre-channel speaker and rear satellite speakers. With such amazing features, the home theatre is bound to deliver the best quality of sound you can get.

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6. Bose 3-2-1 Series II

Of all the home theatres present in the market this is the most interesting. The sound quality is impressive and so is the DVD player/ tuner unit. With all its features, this home theatre, definitely, is the best deal you can get.

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7. Sony DAB-X1

If it is the liveliness of your party you are worried about, with Sony DAV-X1 you can rest assured. With 2.1 surround sound, multi disc changer, two satellite speakers and automated speaker calibration, the sound effects are fantastic and easily place it in the top ten list.

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8. Klipsch CS-500 2.1

The system comes with two Horn-Loaded Satellite Speakers, A/V Centre and a Subwoofer. It also includes the wonderful Dolby Virtual Speaker Technology through which sound effects are surreal.

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9. ZVOX 425

The features include multiples speakers, 4 inch subwoofer, analog stereo and RCA cable. The sound effects are excellent and are sure to completely satisfy all your requirements. Apart from all this, the setting up of this system is also quite easy.

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10. Panasonic SC-PT660

With its five-disc DVD changer, flip down iPod dock and wired speakers the Panasonic SC-PT660 delivers great sound effects and musical experience. It also includes a full iPod menu and remote navigation.

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