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Colossal varieties of gadget bags are available nowadays and manufacturers are still making so many bags with different designs. This makes us confuse in choosing the one for us. Some are handy enough to carry with you but not so roomy and which are spacious one, they wrap you up in them. It’s asked to select one from all of these. If you ask my advice on it, I will also be confused but will tired to emphasis on some features like material, look, and comfortable, that’s why I am trying my best to introduce such gadget bags which are acceptable in different aspects.

I have been written on hand bags and now I am going to introduce a spacious bag which might be able to hold the gadget full room. This will wrap you up off course but wearing it not less than a commando ammunition bag. Let’s have a look on it.


Just slip in it quietly and tie it up on your waist and let the lower belt to grab your thighs. You can quickly load it up with your all gear and more or less you will feel like a super hero in yourself. You can load it up with your all gadgets and tools and get ready for a mission or crime fighting.

If you feel that you want more of it and you desired to look like a hell boy or tron then purchase a set of Grab-it Gadget Holster. Let the other one to tie up your other leg and let yourself to be fully gear up.


This shows how you can have your all ammunition at your finger tips but off course you can only think of fiction not in real because if so you can be targeted. However use this spacious bag for your electronic gadgets to have all your stuff with you. Some what it is enough tough to carry it on your leg but on special occasions you have to have the grab-it gadget holster. It is also good for your sensitive devices like iPhone, camcorder, iPod and many more.


Most interestingly it will not allow your gadgets to clutter up in the bag because it has separate pockets to carry your important and sensitive stuff. So be real to use it and have your gadgets safe and with you all the time.

Grab-It Pack Gadget Holster

· Easily and comfortably keeps all your stuff at the ready – no matter what the circumstance.

· “Drop leg” design with integrated waist belt and leg strap (does not attach to or need another belt).

· Developed by a superstar stuntman and make up effects artist.

· Ergonomic, patented design moves with you – clothing does not bunch up around the leg strap.

· Made of water resistant, cordura nylon.

· Available in left or right sided styles – and both can be worn at once!

· Pocket Dimensions:

o Cell Phone Pocket: approx. 5″ x 4″ x 1″ w/ Velcro fastener

o Wallet Pocket: approx. 9″ x 5″ x 1″ w/ Velcro fastener and buckle

o Key Pocket: approx. 6.5″ x 3″ x 1″ w/zipper

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