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The on Tour Portable Speaker System by JBL:
The JBL speakers costing $ 79.90 connects by a 35 mm audio jack only, providing connectivity to most of the multimedia devices. System has just 6watts of power consumption which is very efficient for such a system. Detectable frequency is 10 Hz to 20,000 Hz which is a drawback because any frequency lying out of this range would be inaudible. However the memory feature of these JBL speakers outshines this disadvantage, it remembers the previous sound settings. The touch controls is also an attractive feature. Power input is through 4AA batteries that give a 24 hour performance and an LED indicates recharging.


SRS-BTM30 Sony Wireless speakers:
The $79.96,light weight and easy to carry wireless speakers weigh just about 750gms and can be used as both as wired and as wireless, providing connectivity by a Bluetooth 2.0 or the 35mm audio jack. Power input can be via wall charger or 3 x AA batteries, but the audio performance is well between medium and high; however at maximum, the sound distorts.


Altec Lansing inMotion Sound Blade:
Altec speakers, very economical and super performing, can be connected via Bluetooth or a 35mm audio jack. Two sources can be connected at a time and used preferably. This system can be used for voice dialing or as external speakers for a Bluetooth phone. Power input is through 6AA batteries or a wall charger,  but a wall charger is preferred to provide adequate power to the two 2.5” speakers. System also provides great quality sound without distortion.
The Philips Bluetooth Wireless Micro Hi-Fi System BTM630:
The classic blend of functional diversity and efficiency, The Philips Bluetooth Wireless Micro Hi-Fi System has positive additional features that enables it to play CDs, memory cards, flash devices and plus the feature to record over a removable media, the negative aspect is that it weighs about 3.5kg and power output is up to 30watts, much more than an average audio system.It can be used to make calls and it switches automatically over a call. Additionally it also has a built in FM/AM radio tuner and a built in alarm. Moreover, the 10 meter range is an astounding feature, which gives it more mobility.

The Compact Cube  Yamaha NX-A01BL:
These 3.5 inches long sided, weighing 0.7 lb, costing $53.99, and extremely compact speakers can be carried everywhere.
With a power of 8 watts, they can be connected to any audio source by a 3.5mm jack. Volume, mute and control is combined in a single button. Yamaha system has just one drawback that doesn’t work on batteries!

The Motorola EQ7:
The Motorola EQ7, provides economical ease and quality at the same time. This $62.61 speaker system connects both by Bluetooth and the 35mm jack.  This system requires 4AA batteries or an AC adapter. 0.97lb of weight and compact dimensions makes it more attractive. It has an optic control feature along with four odyssey sound enhancers.
I pad being the revolutionary device deserves a worthy support for their sound system, so pick your favorite and get it from a store near you now!

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