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What do you feel if you open a refrigerator and someone sitting in it said to you “Get away from me”. Gosh! Don’t think so that I am tending to put a man in your refrigerator as the fridges are mostly overloaded. Just kidding.

As I ever said that the motive of science and technology is to provide a leisure life. So the scientists took step to stop you from over eating. As many of us are great fans of refrigerators rather the food inside refrigerators. If you have someone to memorize you that you are on diet and you don’t need to eat more. Imagine! How good to feel it even if you don’t accept his caution.


This great invention is a soda cane which memorize you at the time when you open the fridge and tend to eat something. The Fridge Recorder cane isn’t contain soda but its true purpose is to deliver pre recorded message from inside the fridge.

Yeah I know, knowing this stupid invention sounds ridiculous but listen to me. It’s great!

In this cane you will record a message in your voice whatever you want like “you don’t need to eat more right now” or may be “Welcome to you food land”. This message will be activated when the refrigerator’s light comes on. What will be your reaction every time you open the fridge to listen this cane is depend upon that what you have recorded in it. Might be “Shut up” or “thanks”.

Imagine if you put this cane in your friend’s refrigerator how much he or she will be shocked to listen the message you have recorded in it. You might can abuse him or her indirectly LOLZ.

Just think of the situation that your friend opens the fridge to take something and he or she cautioned by cane that “don’t touch anything otherwise you will be slapped”. The video camera must be ready to record the reaction of him or her.


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