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Sensitivity is the main issue regarding devices. One can go for the gadget bag which is spacious as well as sensitive to devices. When professional ones like photographer or videographer wants a bag which is soft enough that not harm their sensitive cameras and devices they would like to get KATA gadget bag. Which offers them to hold their big quantity of devices as well as its material and manufacturing assures them about safety of devices. Kata bags are known for their innovative design, exceptional quality, and thorough protection. These bags are top of line for their specification and one can choose it among hundreds without hesitation.

One more breath taking and mind blowing design from the geniuses of KATA bag manufacturers is on height now. The Sensitivity V Backpack is ergonomically designed to hug your curves, all the while providing top notch protection for all your electronics.


It is very spacious so that it can hold all your goodies and it has enough pockets which can accommodate your small electronic gadgets. It also has large safe guard in the back which can hold on your 14’’ laptop easily and it’s very safe. There are small pockets on the ergonomic shoulder straps for cell phones, iPod, and like devices.


This bag comes with very unique feature that is its front pockets which can be combined to one large pocket to accommodate a big size gadget or device. It also has the internal modular padded divisions and elasto guard sleeves to hold things cozy. It provides an elite level of protection and safety because of its external Flexi-shield reinforcement. Shortly this gadget bag has a bunch of features. It’s a wise decision to purchase this legendary product. The yellow interior is also added and unique feature which helps to find your devices which are mostly dark and black in color. This intelligent feature lacks in other bags and one has to do struggle to find his gadget in that dark bag.

Kata Sensitivity V Backpack Features

· Futuristic design

· Dual flap access

· Rear safe guard laptop compartment for up to 14″ laptops

· 2 side pockets with double layered second zip pockets concealed underneath

· 2 media pouches integrated into the shoulder straps for quick access

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