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The gadget I am now going to describe is awesome. Really! imagine you are in a party where you don’t need to ask someone that what drink is in the glass, rather the glass will tells you itself that what drink it has in it. Amazing! What really annoying is when you don’t know that which drink is yours and you take a sip and then you feel really sick by knowing that it was not your drink.

Now imagine if you have the glass which lets you know that which one is your drink, how cool you feel inside! Yes this is the newly concept of Damjan stankovic. Cipher Drinking Glass.


You can see the little colored squares in the above photo on the glasses. These squares are the highly efficient sensors. They sense the fragrance of drink or what? I really don’t know. These squares then make a word of the drink as shown in photo. Literally this seems to be odd ability of glass that they make words depending upon what liquid is in them.

Let me took you back in eighties. Cup with wording on it like “I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU” or some scenery. As the hot liquid poured in it the certain words appears on them and when it gets emptied the words disappears. It seems in these glasses the sensor used are such highly efficient to sense that what the drink in them and the name of drink appears on it.

Now the strange thing is that if these glasses sense the color of drink then how they will be able to differentiate between Pepsi and coca-cola? If they would have some interesting sensors and sense the virgin drink from alcohol beverage. There are so many combinations of drinks and it is really amazing if they could sense all them.

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