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Who thought to limit the technology? There are no limits of this sea. We are all surrounded by such gadgets which seem to be basic need of us. If we purchase one product, we will have thousands of accessories with that product. Difficulty is that which one we have to buy or which one to left.

The gadget I am going to describe is a charging station. By using this device we can charge our three gadgets at a time. It looks like as shown below.


We cannot afford too much charging adopters on our table. Mostly our table cluttered up with wires of chargers. Sometimes we did not have many outlets we required. Taking these problems in account INOITULOS produced a gadget IDAPT charging station, which allows you to charge three gadgets at a time, like mobile phone, camera, media players and even rechargeable batteries. This will keep your gadgets safe. More over it will not clutter up your table and did not require outlets other than one. It is very beautifully designed that it looks great when keeping it on side bed table or office table. It looks great when your gadgets organized on this station in charging position than spreading up here there on table.

IDAPT offers two different models i2 and i3. I2 facilitate you to charge two of your gadgets at a time and i3 permits you to charge 3 gadgets at a time.


These innovative adapters allow you to charge different types of gadgets. I am using the phrase “3 at a time” it does not mean that they can only charge 3 gadgets, yes they can charge more gadgets also, as they became with six most popular tips by which you can charge 6 gadgets. If from those 6 none is for you then don’t worry, twenty two tips are more available. You can just plug in the desires tip and start charging your device.


So you can order for those tips you want. It’s not the limit too. These twenty two tips can handle almost 3500 types of different gadgets. So if you buy all of them you can have almost any type of charger. You can purchase one for £20 or about $30.  As for the i3, it will cost you £30 or about $45.

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