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Sometimes magical offers really surprised us. Means what if you can have a spy gadget costs less than your coffee. This is really amazing gadget about which I am talking. Actually more than a gadget it is an application that installs in your phone and works really great.

It’s a cell phone tracking application. Now you can do that only thought to be done by intelligence agencies. Tracking a phone was not such easy before especially for the common man. Thanks to this application introduced by Apple it will help you to locate the phone with greater precision, a precision that can make you hero.


Friends and family members always ask you if you can do this and this time your answer will be yes for sure. It means it is the time for you to prove them wrong who thoughts that it can be done only with the help of CIA.

Install the application, run it and simply enter the phone number and it will let you know about the cell number where it is working. Some trackers just give the range of area in which cell number is being used but this tracker will explicitly gives you the whole address.

Some of you may thought how it could be done, thanks to GPS. Yes! This tracker uses the GPS technology to locate the cell phones. Unlike others this tracker did not stole a big amount from your debit card or credit card. It is almost free and you can download it to your PC or phone to prove that you have the latest technology around your friends and family.

You can present the application like this:

Ø Access satellites from all over the world

Ø Get the exact location of the phone that you are tracking

Ø Use of governmental technology that has now gone public

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