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AltusLumen Press Release: HONG KONG, S.A.R. – AltusLumen just launched latest LightGear Gre 18-in-1 innovative LED lighting equipment with survival tools to meet the multi-requirement for campers, hikers, travelers and other outdoor enthusiast.

Patented (Patented no.: *US7,530,547 B2) sleek design allows six innovative lighting ways. LightGear Gre allows users to insert it in the pouch or backpack; leaving the light to stand alone with built-in stand or plastic cover. It can be hanged up with a string as area light to light up garden or the place for barbecue, camping. It also allows standing to shine upward or downward, slipping inside the gap or holding it with hand as traditional way.


Despite of LED lighting, LightGear Gre consists of 1 aluminum whistle for raising alert and 1 storage compartment for storing items like needles & thread, fish hooks & string or surgical blades. Embedded and detachable 10 in 1 stainless steel survival tool includes useful tools like can opener, knife, screwdriver, saw, cap opener, position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, 2 position wrench, ruler and direction indicator.

There is environmental friendly concern with the choice of material:
1. The main housing is made of recycled and recyclable aluminum and polycarbonate.
2. LightGear Gre is over 75 % recyclable at the end of its useful life.
3. LED is 40% more power efficient and 10 time more durable than incandescent bulb.
4. Multiple function and durable construction to give longer utility to the user and reduce the need for the new.

LightGear Gre is a excellent outdoor mulit-purpose tool because of its weather-proof design which allows to work under undesirable outdoor environment like raining and water splashing.

LightGear Gre is powered by 4 x AAA replaceable batteries where rechargeable batteries are recommended to use with. Battery can last up over 6 hours. Its led battery indicator will flash when power level is low.

Available in three plastic color version, Green, Yellow and Milky White which silver aluminum back housing. Each plastic cover has embossed slogan “ PROTECT
AND ENJOY OUR EARTH” to reinstate the importance of sustainability and ecology.

Suggested retail price: USD29.90. For more information, please visit or send email to

About AltusLumen
AltusLumen is one of the first portable LED light company to integrate sustainable concept into its product. Nearly 1.6 billion people worldwide are
without access to electricity and have to rely on fuel-based source for lighting. AltusLumen is committed to develop an eco-efficient and eco-effective
portable light and make the light affordable and practical in developing countries. We collaborate with NGO to make it possible. We can achieve it at a
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