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If you are a frequent flyer or a heavy traveler with pilot license and love to join the green campaign for your local trips, you should take a good look at the following one. This might be the answer for greener private air transportation in near future.


Yuneec is a Shanghai base company which focus on building electrical motors and flight system for mini aircrafts. The e430 is a two seater electric air-plane that has been in the air since six month ago and will be commercialized for sale in about one year time.


As an electric plane, the cost of flying an e430 is equivalent to USD2.- per hour. It needs lower maintenance cost compare to conventional airplanes.


Other advantages of this new electric aviation technology is including silent engine, low carbon emissions which is great for the environment.

On the glide ratio, Yuneec e430 provides a 25:1, which means it could glide 25 feet in the forward direction for every one foot drop in elevation. The higher glide ratio means pilot could find a shorter spot for landing.

Presuming Yuneec can deliver their promise, e430 will become the new green plane as a new air transportation means for private plane with lower cost and higher mobility level to its users.

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