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Wyoming is the second state as altitude in USA. It is situated in the North Western part of the country ranging from the rocky mountains in the west to the High Plains in the East. Its geographic location on the map and also the closeness to the mountains are the main factors that influence Wyoming’s cool climate.

Even if temperatures range here rather to extremes with high temperature levels in the east and low temperatures in the mountain area, the average is pretty low when compared to the other states because the most part of Wyoming is covered by mountain relief. It is common knowledge that temperature drops as you raise in altitude, so as you go south towards the mountains the air is cooler and even summers are warm, not really hot like in other parts. Even the plains have a pretty high elevation with the lowest point still over 3100 feet and they have a most arid climate because the mountains represent a very effective natural barrier that stands in the way of the ocean winds that bring heavy rains.


The mountains can reach an altitude of 6700 feet and they cover a good part of Wyoming, so the average altitude is pretty high, influencing temperature, too. The mountains range from north to south and block the moisture there, on the western coast of the mountains, while the rest of Wyoming is more or less arid. So this state is covered with various types of relief and has different types of climate from mountain to plains, from wet to arid that you can’t find a homogenous area to choose as representative for this state.

But that’s exactly Wyoming’s cool climate that makes it so desirable especially in summer because it’s a pleasure to go there, in the cooleness of the mountains and valleys, running away from the hot sun that melts the cities. However, nights are a bit cooler than you might be prepared for ,and that is caused by the arid climate that is also specific to the desert, so you can expect extreme temperatures. For most of the State, mean maximum temperatures in July range between 85 and  95° F, so ideal for tourism. Besides, there are also lots of touristic attractions in this state that invite you to spend beautiful holidays here. But these extremes can lead to spectacular colours on the sky and unexpected changes in the weather that are the charm of this Cowboy State.


People living here always wear a jacket with them, even if it’s sunny because you never know when the weather changes and a storm begins out of nowhere. Actually storms are pretty common around here, especially in winter, when temperatures vary a lot, with waves of heat and cold, with the snow melting and freezing again in turns. Actually the period of time between September , when you can see the first snowflakes in the mountains and late November, when winter settles for good, is called the Indian Summer because the days are warm and the nights are cold and the sky is beautifully coloured, makring the transition between the two seasons.

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