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When it comes to tattoos, people have different opinions, reactions, but most of them agree that it is one of the oldest forms of art existing, also been called the art of the body. Many people worldwide agree on making themselves a tattoo at a certain point of their life, in order to celebrate some essential/ key moments in their existence; also, if you watch specialized Tv shows like the best known Miami Ink (followed also by New York Ink, LA Ink), you will soon realize that the most of the stories behind the tattoos are relevant for the beholders’. Some use to tattoo themselves for certain reasons like fighting and winning again a disease, or to celebrate an important moment of their existence (such as wedding, the birth of a new family member), some chose tattoos to show their love or faith in Divinity, and there are some others that just do it for fun reasons.

Either way, in my opinion tattooing is a very personal and profound meaning and the tattoo one gets should really have a meaning and not only the one of pure fashion, or because other cool kids did it before me. Also, choosing the place on your body that fits best the tattoo you want to have is a very important deal; always remember that tattoos are mostly for the entire life, so if you do want to have a career like a police officer, doctor or even a business person, tattoos on revealing parts of the body are to be avoided.


But due to newer techniques, the tattooing art benefits now from numerous ways and inks that can be used for the body painting, so that it appeals to everybody that wants to get a tattoo. Due to this innovations, there are now special available inks that only glow in the dark or at the light of a neon and are fully invisible at the day light, which can be appealing to teenagers who want to get a tattoo but are afraid of what parents or teachers might say, or even for those of you that are not fully comfortable with their tattoos showing off, but still want to get one. Also, a viable option are the semi-permanent tattoos that can stay up to 5 years on your body, are not harmful at all and are also more bearable in terms of pain when having them. All in all, never forget to appeal to a specialized center when getting a tattoo and always be careful at the hygiene; nevertheless, tattoos can be addictive and most of the persons that already have one claim that they would have a second also, and then another…


Here are some of the world’s coolest tattoos and their owners:

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