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The most popular operating system in the world, which is used by millions of people is the Windows, produced by the company Microsoft. It has many versions such as the Windows 98, Windows Millenium, Windows XP, Windows Vista and the newest of all: the Windows 7. With each of these versions Microsoft had improved the operating system, bringing new features and technologies. One of the innovations brought by Windows Vista compared to the Windows XP  was the “Windows sidebar gadgets” application.

This is a cool software that offers a sidebar on your desktop in which you can place all sorts of gadgets. These gadgets  are simple applications that usually have just a single purpose and which can let you see all sorts of things – such as the time, the calendar, the CPU usage, the weather and so on. So today we’ll discuss about some of these gadgets

And if you are not happy with the default sidebar that you have in your Windows Vista, you can download the software called “Vista sidebar 3.1.0”. This application is using 50% less RAM memory from your computer compared to the original version, so it works much faster. It is also compatible with both Windows Vista and XP. It has all sorts of cool gadgets  for you, and here are some of the key features of this software:


· Installer

· Gadget saves settings

· RSS Gadget

· Torrent search Gadget

· Google search Gadget

· Progress Dialogs

· More sidebar skins

· System Uptime Gadget

· Windows Media Player Gadget

· Clock Gadgets

· Clock adjustable skins Wi Fi internet status Gadget

· Recycle bin Gadget

· Picture slider Gadget

· Update features

· Hard disk Status reader Gadget

· CPU and RAM reader Gadget

· Internet Traffic status Gadget

· Calendar Gadget

· Weather Gadget

And now let’s discuss about some other gadgets  that you can add to your desktop. One of them is the “App launcher” which adds a toolbar similar to the “Quick launch” of any Windows. So in case you have so many icons on your quick launch bar and you need another one, you can use this application. But this one has a feature that the “quick launch” doesn’t have and this is the fact that you can add Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox favorites, and when clicking one of these icons a fly-out list appears, and you can go to your favorite webpage directly from your desktop.

Another gadget that you can use it the “Ask Windows Live”. You can ask about any question you want (such as “Which is the capital of Nebraska?”, “Who is Amy Winehouse?”, What is a hypotenuse?” and so on) and the application will try to give you the correct answer. It will search for your answer on sources such as Live QnA MSDN, Windows Live and Wikipedia and it will find it most of the times.

Another application is the “Callwave Visual Voicemail” which brings you full voicemail notification for when receiving text messages and calls on your phone. So even though you don’t have your phone at you, or you turned it off, you can see the number of the person who called you, the date, and the time of the conversation.

If you want you can download, install and use the “Gmail reader mini outlook inbox”, which is a cool gadget that allows you to read your emails without even having to enter your email address from an internet browser. So you will immediately know when you got a new mail or you can read the ones that you already have. The Gmail Reader shows the 20 newest messages from your Gmail account. If you move the cursor over a mail you will see a short preview of it, and if you click it you can read the entire mail. And of course you can also reply to emails, thanks to the Mini Outlook Inbox feature.


If you are just preparing to go somewhere with your car and you want to know how the traffic is, you can use the Live Search Maps – powered Traffic gadget. This will show you the real time traffic conditions, a dynamic map on which you can zoom in or out, information about traffic lights and driving directions and other useful things. It’s not available for any city of the world, and only for major metropolitan areas.

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