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I have never had the chance to enjoy the Wii iixperience, because for people in my country Wii is quite expensive and with a regular salary you cannot afford buying one. I have never had the chance, but I’m so damn curious, because I’ve heard many things about it and I’ve read even many more.


Tennis would be first on my list, there’s no doubt about it, maybe because I love the this game so very much. But I think I’d try everything, even if I know that curiosity killed the cat. It’s true, but it won’t kill me.

Especially if we’re talking about bowling, because the first time I played I certainly had the drunkard’s luck, as I literally kicked ass. And I suppose it’s the same with the Wii, right?

This Wii Bowling Ball is a very special accessory that was designed by CTA Digital and was presented at the 2009 edition of E3. The source of inspiration is, of course, an authentic bowling ball, just like you’re able to see in the image above, and all you have to do is to open this “treasure” up and then hide the Wii remote inside. After whispering some magic incantations, close the ball and go meet the wildest success ever!

What remains a mystery is how much the ball weighs, as well as the information about the pricing and availability.

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