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If you like to enjoy devices with great functionality, extreme comfort and appealing design you should take a closer look at the men’s watches below, because they are not simple watches they comes with nice features and gadgets. The best place where you can find gadget watches for men is Amazon.

The first gadget watch for men is a MP4/MP3 USB Wrist Watch which has a 1.8 –inch OLED Screen. This nice watch has 1GB of memory and it able to support the following formats: MP4, WMA and MP3 format. The watch also display the date and time and the battery last for about 9 hours in the music playback feature. And if you want to enjoy a movie, this gadget watch promises about 7 hours of video playing.
Another great men’s watch you can find on Amazon is Home Theater Watch. This gadget watch comes with 2GB of internal memory and you will find it at a price of $125.95.

The watch gives you the possibility to see your favorite movie or video from your wrist. Thanks to its storage capacity of 2GB, you can import a full movie on this watch and it can also support: MP3 and WMA format and if you like to see some images of pictures, you can do that because the watch supports JPEG formats. The screen is 1.5 –inch and it has 260K color display. It is very simple to connect the Home Theater Watch to your personal computer, because the watch is a USB device and all you have to do is connect it with a USB cable to your computer.


You should also install the software that comes with the watch, because the software will help you the following formats into the format required for the watch: WMV, MPEG, AVI, ASF, ASX and DAT/VCD.

The watch comes with a rubber band that is easy to adjust for any size and it is very durable. Now you can enjoy your favorite movies, music and picture and you can also adjust the music you hear thanks to its super bass setting and 5 equalize modes.


The next watch is a wrist watch phone with many other features. This gadget watch for men could be the perfect gift for your boss, boy friend or any family member. The watch works on the following networks frequency: GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz Tri-Band and if you want to buy one the first thing you should do is to talk with your service provider to see if they transmit on the frequencies above. The clock has a nice and easy to use interface that works in the next languages: Simplified Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic and English.

It has a 1.3 – inch TFT LCD Touch Screen and a rechargeable Li-Ion battery. The watch has the next features: built-in games, 64 polyphonic tones, voice recorder, 5 alarms, E-book, MIDI and MP3 format for audio, MP4 format for video playback, GIF and JPG support for images, MMS and SMS messaging, world clock, notepad, exchange rates, unit conversion, calculator, calendar and IP dialing. For the data transmission this nice and cool gadget watch has also Bluetooth technology.


Sony Ericsson MBW-150 Music Bluetooth Watch is a great and cool men’s watch with nice features. This gadget was is able to notify you if you have a text message or an incoming call by giving a vibration on your wrist. If you look at a watch when is vibrating you will see the caller ID and you have the possibility to mute the call, to reject the call or to receive the call.

The watch is made from stainless steel and the display is made from mineral crystals. You don’t have to keep your phone in your hand to control the music; you can do that from the watch thanks to its music buttons that allows you to manage the volume of the music and the tracks. You will see the name of the song playing in an OLED display.


This great gadget watch also helps you to keep track of your mobile phone by giving a vibrating signal when the phone is too far from the watch.

You can find it on

The Polar AW200 Activity Technology Watch is specially made to count the steps you make and the calories you loose. This watch is ideal for energetic persons who and with its step counter feature you can keep track of the steps you made while you were jogging, walking or hiking.

The watch has a stainless-steel design and a temperature reading, barometer reading and calorie counter. With this product you can measure both the quality and the quantity of your exercises. You can find it on Amazon at a price of $199.95.


Garmin Forerunner 405 Wireless GPS-Enabled Sports Watch with Heat Rate Monitor is a nice and useful watch gadget. It is able to monitor your heart rate, calories, distance and time and all the data is stores in its memory. The clock has a very sensitive GPS receiver so you will always know where you are.  A great feature about this clock is the wireless technology that allows you to transfer the data from the clock to any computer that has wireless. You don’t need cables or installation software; you only need a computer with wireless technology and all you have to do is select the transfer option if you want to view your workouts on a personal computer.

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