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cool-fun-coolest-top-best-new-latest-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-idea-Camping is starting to feel a lot more like  `not camping`. What ever happen to the days of chopping your own wood, starting a fire and grilling up some franks and drinking some beer? Nowadays we are taking our laptops so we can surf the web and our smartphones so we don`t miss that ever important text.

I just heard about a tent made for your dirt bike, and now there`s a portable microwave you can take with you.

The WaveBox, puts the power and convenience of a kitchen in small portable device, its being convenient something you go camping to get away from? The WaveBox only weighs about 14 pounds and should be able to fit most pre-packaged frozen meals.

As far as powering this puppy up, you can do so in 3 different ways:

Standard AC: On U.S. and Canadian models, a retractable, built-in 110-volt AC cord allows you to plug the WaveBox  into standard electrical outlets.

DC Direct to 12-volt Battery: The extra-long 9-foot cable has alligator clamps to attach directly to any 12-volt vehicle or boat battery.

DC Vehicle Power Outlet: Allows you to plug the WaveBox into a 12-volt vehicle power outlet rated at 20 amps or greater. Using the 20-amp vehicle power outlet (aren`t most cars only 15 amps?), the WaveBox produces 235 watts of cooking power.

You can choose between four different colors, pearl, cherry cobalt and midnight, but at the moment their website is claiming to be out of stock on all colors. Unfortunately they are also not processing any Canadian orders, so I guess I am sh*t out of luck.

The WaveBox retails for $249.99. Shipping and handling is free.

Some of us just can`t live without the luxuries of home, but I would prefer a smoky cooked over an open fire to one cooked in the micro-wave any day.

What about you?


Reinforced ABS plastic

Rubber footings

Exterior Width

Exterior Depth

Exterior Height

Cooking Cavity Width

Cooking Cavity Depth

Cooking Cavity Height

Net Weight
14 lbs

As requested

120vAC;12v or 24vDC

660w AC/Direct Connect
240w Vehicle Power Outlet

AC cord length

DC direct connect cord length
9′ with alligator clamps

DC power outlet cord length
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