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A boast from the merchant: “This is a technology that would make 007 and Jack Bauer Jealous!

This watch spy cam has the one-touch recording feature that would ease the job of a secret agent. Just press the button and point your watch to your recording object, all set!


This spy watch able to  record video/audio up to 8 hours duration, even though the battery life could only prolong for 2 hours duration.

This is the first miniaturized camcorder, so small that it could fit into an ordinary wrist watch. This spy grade technology is the smallest body worn camera out there, and it’s now available to the public.


An usb port is all it needs to download video, audio or picture download from the spy watch, no additional power is needed.  The watch spy cam has a miniaturized DVR and color camera in it.

Can you spot the hidden camera? Covert Body Worn Camera Disguised As A Stylish, Covert, & Wearable Watch The Secret Agent Camcorder Watch lets you record audio and video without anyone knowing. Perfect for a man or a woman, this stylish and multifunctional watch tells time like a normal watch, while recording video or taking photos.


Its sleek and stylish designs makes it easy to wear, without drawing attention to the fact that you’re recording video or snapping high resolution pictures. With 2 gigs of built-in memory, you have enough recording power to capture important moments on-the-go.

No One Will Suspect That Your Wrist Watch Is Recording Video & Taking Pictures!
* One Touch Color Digital Audio/Video Recording
* Looks and Functions Like An Ordinary Watch
* Direct USB Connection To PC
* Over 2 Hour Battery Life

Uses For The Watch DVR:
* Journalists
* Meetings or Interviews
* Private Investigators
* Travel
* Secret Shoppers
* Law Enforcement
* Covert Operations

Fully functional watch Specifications:
* Video Format – 352 x 288 CIF AVI
* Picture Format – 640 x 480 JPEG
* Battery type – Built-in Lithium battery 4.2V
* Working time – 2 hours per charge
* Charge voltage – DV-5V
* Charging – USB standard port
* 300,000 pixel webcam w/ audio and video
* Can be used as USB Flash disc drive
* Operating temperature: 0 – 40 degrees
* Storage temperature: -10 – 60 degrees

2GB = USD300.-
4GB = USD350.-

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