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Our sources of communication are forever ingeniously disguising and blending features to our comforts and needs. Take a look at these walkie talkie watches, they look like regular watches, but they are two-way radios that can communicate up to 3km. So all those girlies who want to enjoy private conversations with their friends (girls/boys) discreetly, this one is a must-have gizmo on your wrists. But cool looks are nothing without the hi-tech features to back them up. The hi-tech watch has a full clock function apart from its walkie-talkie function which makes it a private mobile radio-communicator. The best part is that it comes with a headset that has Voice Activate Operation (VOX) for hands free use which makes these walkie talkies ideal for active girls who enjoy hiking, skiing and staying in touch for free when on the move. It is an ideal watch for those who love outdoor sports.

Additionally the watch is loaded with many other great features like it includes a headset with PTT button, an antenna that tucks into the watch, a stopwatch, alarm function and a backlit LCD display too. They have eight channels and 38 sub codes per channel giving you over 300 channel combinations for private conversation. There are five melody call tones to choose from, and they are compatible with all two-way radios transmitting or receiving at 446 MHZ. Oh yes… they tell you the time as well! The walkie talkie watch sells for $109 (£59.99).
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