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We all learn Maths and Algebra in school and also learn how to do calculations in mind. It is really useful especially when you are shopping and you only have a limited amount of money to spend, so you must do all the calculations and add all the prices of the products you buy in order to make sure you do not exceed the sum you have available. But sometimes we need to know the result of a lot more difficult calculations and we must have a calculator at hand in order to do that.

Usually we all have a calculator at home or at work to help us when we need it, but we can surely use one on the computer because it’s closer and you don’t have to get up and start looking for it everywhere in the house. Of course you have the calculator option in all the versions of Windows, but the only problem is that this kind of calculator is really simple and only has the basic operations. It’s all right when you want to add all your expenses in one week for example or how much you have to pay for a certain stock of merchandise, but it’s totally inefficient when you need more complex operations likeĀ  trigonometry functions or some other similar complex ones.


Fortunately once the Windows Vista was released and also the windows 7, too, you now have the possibility to install all kinds of desktop gadgets that turn out to be really useful and also nice looking. The Vista calculator gadget is the perfect example. Not only you can find it directly on your desktop, so there is no need for you to open a lot of windows until you reach it, but it also offers a wide variety of simple and complex Math operations. So this gadget transformed a simple calculator into a real scientific tool.


The calculator screen allows you to insert 8 digits, but it can be expanded to 14 digits. You will easily notice the additional buttons for the more complex operations like ln, log, factorial, power of a number, power of 2, power of 3, tan, sin, cos, pi number. You can also calculate the degrees of a circle, but you can access the menu and change the result into radians, too. You can operate the Vista calculator gadget either with the help of the mouse by simply pressing the buttons you want to use or with the help of your computer keyboard by simply using the numberpad keys.

If you are interested in this gadget and you would like to have it on your desktop, too, you simply need to follow these links: and Download the gadget, install it and you will be able to use it right away.

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