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One of the oldest businesses of Germany has to be that of Miele’s who are making Vacuum Cleaners for the past eighty years. And now they have introduced a new line of futuristic looking vacuum cleaners, known as the S7. These unbeatable vacuum cleaners are targeting the UK market and are sure to get a good response. At 1800 Watts of suction, they’re among the most powerful and the unique swivel action of the handle makes them highly maneuverable too. They can fold back flat to get under furniture and have an LED display on the handle, while sensors underneath automatically adjust the height and suction to suit your carpet.

There’s a hose attachment at the side to reach cobwebs and all those tricky corners you thought you could never reach. But the coolest feature has to be the LED headlights that give your cleaner a cool Transformers feel. The range includes five different models that vary in price and function from the lemon yellow S7210 at GBP249 ($369) to the LED-controlled S7580 at GBP370 ($549). So why not invest in some house cleaning this Christmas?

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