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If you are like me, you probably have tons of cd’s and dvd’s scattered around the place and can never find the one you want when you need it.

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The USB CD/DVD storage carousel takes care of this and organizes all your disk so you can access them at the touch of a button.

The carousel is a CD storage system which can hold 150 discs. It can store all kinds of discs in 12cm size, such as CDs, DVDs, game CDs, or music CDs.

The unit can be connected to your PC via USB cable and the shape of the USB Storage Carousel for CD/DVD means it’s stackable, thus conserving your desk space.

You can manage the CD database with the included software and you can locate the CD/DVDs by CD title, CD contents, category, remarks, etc. After searching with the software, simply double click the desired disc and the USB Storage Carousel will spin and pull out the CD.

You can also use USB Storage Carousel as a stand alone unit (without a PC). Just directly input the slot number from the key pad, which is located at the right hand side of the unit.

After you press the enter key, the machine will spin to the specific slot and pull out the CD for you. With the stand alone option, the product comes with a form for users to index the discs.

The USB CD/DVD Storage Carousel is available to buy online for $129.99 from Think Geek.
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