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Wondering what energy class those tubes are in? Are those tubes consuming tons of energy?

This assembled clock INCLUDES six plug-in IN18 nixie tubes – some other ‘nixie clocks’ do not! The nixie tubes themselves are classified as New Old Stock – (NOS), as they were made at least 15 years ago, but have never been used. Unlike some other designs which use smaller (13 mm) or a rather naff ‘upside down’ 2’s for the 5 numeral, The BigTime features genuine, Russian IN18 tubes, with their beautifully formed 40 mm high numerals. These are the now very largest nixie tubes that are still available in reasonable commercial quantities.

The BigTime isn’t like just any other nixie clock on the market…

Direct Drive Display (not multiplexed), for quieter, longer nixie tube life
Precision Temperature Compensated Crystal (TCXO) for +/- 30 seconds / year accuracy, or even better
Software controlled LED backlighting of nixie tubes (in Cool White)
Surface Mount technology facilitates a lower profile, shallower case
High efficiency, compact switched-mode mains power supply (external "Wall-wart" type) for UK, Europe and USA
Mirror-finish polished, precision-machined, Aluminium case
Fully remote controlled – The BigTime contains no (0) moving parts! (well, OK, apart from one reset switch)
Large Six-digit display showing hours, minutes, seconds, or day, month, year
Super-smooth fading between digits
12 or 24-hour hour display mode
Indicators for AM/PM, time, and alarm-set mode
Alarm, with snooze
European or US date display formats
Simple hourly beeps or complex “Westminster” chimes with software selectable Silent-Night mode
Plays “Happy Birthday” on up to four specified dates
Other “Easter Eggs” for you to find!
Automatic leap-year calculation
Universal Automatic Daylight Savings Time calculation for almost all geographies, including new US DST rules (2007 onwards)
Manual or automatic display brightness
Safe, low-voltage design, via a 12V DC “wall-wart” UK, EU or US power supply
On-board SuperCap retains The BigTime’s time and settings for a minimum of 7 days in the event of power loss
On-board loudspeaker for more compact design
Optional external temperature probe (-50C to 120C, or 58F to +255F )
Optional relay output to drive slave clocks or other equipment 
Optional GPS receiver for permanent atomic precision
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