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If you want to say that this is alien’s technology, it is fine. However, the pictures and video you are going to see is something earthly made, pure creation by human kinds, only the shape resembles to our childhood stories about flying sorceress or used to be called unidentified flying objects.

The main idea behind this wonderful flying object invention is a piece of paper. If you take a piece of paper up to your lips and blow over the top the paper will lift. The reason is, air velocity you have created by blowing over the top creates a lower atmospheric pressure on the top than on the bottom, thereby creating a lift or anti gravity sense.

And this amazing effect or result is known or named as the ‘Coanda Effect’.

The air velocity created in the center of the craft with the aid of a circulating fan will direct the air to flow out of the outlet, and soon it will follow over the curved or rounded surface. Whilst, the amount of lifts generated is depending upon the velocity, mass and density of the air. If the calculation is done correctly, we will obtain the necessary power to lift the object up to the air.



Control of the craft is in three sections.

Section one — anti torque.
The rotation of the fan causes the body to rotate in the opposite direction. By placing a series of vanes in the airflow the torque is neutralised.

Section two — yaw control.
On sections of the lifting surface a series of moveable flaps, acting in unison enable it to turn left or right.

Section three — directional control.
Flaps on the periphery of the craft provide directional control as the movement into the lift airflow changes, the lift causes the craft to tilt and move in the direction of the tilt.

The craft has a natural neutral dynamic balance making it very stable in flight and in hover.

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