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Twitter is a social networking that gives its users the possibility to read and send messages, also known as tweets. All the users of this network have the possibility to receive and send tweets via Twitter website. The message is text-based and it can’t have more than 140 characters.

This social networking was created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and it wanted to be the Short Message Service of the Internet. On Twitter you will find many information or tweets about almost everything, but the biggest percentage is made by pointless babble about 41%, conversational – 38%, pass-along value – 9%, news – 4%, self-promotion and spam.

Twitter is very easy to use and the first thing you need to do is to create and account. Then you have the possibility to enter tweets (messages) into your text field and then you can also personalize your profile page. When you enter the tweets you have two possibilities: the first one is the make the messages public, which means that everyone can see them and they appear on a public page. The second one is to protect your messages, which means that they will be seen only by your friends.

Twitter gives you the possibility to “follow” your friends which means that if you provide IM contact information or mobile phone number you will be notified when you friends post new tweets.

TwitterGadget is a robust and clean tool for the website that is designed to view status updates and submit via Gmail account, iGoogle homepage or any other Internet browser. The gadget has many features like: keyboard shortcuts, block and spam, saved searches, built-in translate, built-in search, symbol insertion, URL shortening and more. For example, the built-in translate features gives you the possibility to choose a message you don’t understand and translate into your language.

You can customize your iGoogle page by adding TwitterGadget which is a cool application with an easy to use interface. The application gives you the possibility to control the display elements such as post source, date stamps and thumbnails. You can also insert emoticons, dingbats and symbols into your messages using the Symbols pull down menu.


What’s up? is another Twitter gadget that pulls data and information from Twitter website every few seconds and streams them on your computer desktop. With this Twitter gadget you will know that the people all over the world are doing or thinking right now.

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