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Pollution has become one of the major problems of the century. In order to diminish the unexpected level it reached during the last years something has to be done. This is the reason we should take responsibility for our actions and try not to treat superficially the matter.

There’s no surprise for anyone that manufacturing electronic devices is a source of a certain amount of pollution. This is where Dell wants to interfere urged by the desire of making things right. The company understands that design and technical features aren’t enough anymore and there’s a great necessity of fusing the green element with current technology and style. When Dell commissioned a design contest for green computers, called Dell Regeneration Competition Design, Luis Luna, a Mexican industrial designer, thought of a concept that treated the term “green” literally. The result was the “O” Project, inspired by the oxygen and the cycle of photosynthesis and designed to reduce that tiny amount of CO2 that computers generate during their production and life use.

The main idea of this project is to design a CPU taking more into consideration the “green thinking” and “life style” and therefore having a decorative piece which is meant to eliminate the abundant visual noise that regular PCs create.


The O Project is a design concept featuring a couple of round PCs that take Dell’s bamboo-clad Studio Hybrid to the next level, adding a place to grow a small plant inside. We must agree the fact that the idea of such a “plant” is quite interesting, but imagine a focused fellow completely metamorphosed every time he hears the words he loves most “EA Sports, to the game!” could remember to water the plant instead of running desperately after a ball. In the best case, he’d remember, but rushing to get his job done, he’d spill drops of water over the PC. Therefore, the O PC would better be waterproof, if it wants to live a peaceful life!

The PC features a biodegradable polymer skin based on cornstarch and bamboo, while the computer’s components can be easily recycled or re-utilized in case you change your mind and don’t want it as another accessory in your house.

Maybe it’s not something we are to see in the near future, but if the O Project gets us thinking green for a little bit and we become aware of the harm we involuntarily do to the environment, then a purpose has been reached.

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