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The winter is already here. The temperatures decreased significantly, leaving us no time to adjust to the new weather conditions. If you were in my place, you’d actually be worried, as the atmosphere inside my apartment doesn’t seem to be willing to get warm. The warm-water heating doesn’t cope with the cold outside these walls. More than that, sometimes I feel like cold air currents invade the room, entering my house through the window and asking no permission for such an unexpected and unpleasant visit.

In such conditions, the last thing I’d like is to “lose” the heat that is hardly kept within the walls of my apartment. The Black & Decker Thermal Leak Detector was designed to solve similar situations and help people save approximately 20% on energy costs. The device does that by localizing the leaks. This is a great thing, you must admit, as they’re almost everywhere, around all sorts of surface such as doors, floors, walls, windows or pipes. Using the detector, you have access to places that are unreachable in regular conditions.

In addition, you can also check whether your HVAC has a proper manner of working, diagnose all sorts of engine misfires, check if the ceiling is well insulated around recessed lights or for drafts placed around the fireplace.

But how does this work? After setting a reference temperature, you should direct the light towards the wall. Keep on moving the light all around your apartment and track it very attentively. You’ll see that the light changes according to the temperature. When it registers a variation of 1,5 or 10 degrees Fahrenheit (the user also has the chance to switch to the Celsius mode), the light will be red, for hot spots, and blue for cold ones. It seems that plugging the leaks and drafts can be a good solution for saving up to 20% of the energy costs.

The device comes in package with a booklet that comprises easy solutions to improve your environment. This $40 leak detection equipment will be available starting January 2009.

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