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Ironing clothes is one of the most time-consuming jobs at home. There are no shortcuts to it. Each fabric has its own temperament and you have to stand all those hours doing it yourself, till the pile of clothes is done. Understanding these needs Siemens new Slider S5 is the truly the world first automatic Iron. Featuring an auto-function that creates a newly defined temperature level, one that is suitable for all iron-able fabrics, thus preventing damage to the fabric. It also has an AntiCalc-System and the 3-position automatic shut-off feature that makes maintaining the iron, operating it and safety easy. Smoothing those wrinkles and creases is easy for the “Inox-glissée” sole plate, which delivers 40g of permanent steam per minute. This stylish beauty has a three-step-process for ironing clothes. The pre-dampening zone at the tip of the sole plate first moistens the fabric, in preparation for step two, which involves the central section soaking the item. Finally the solid dry zone smoothes and dries the cloth in one go.

The Siemens Slider S5 also features a vertical steaming function to freshen up sports coats and blazers. The water tank holds 300 milliliters, which can be refilled directly from the water supply (all due to the AntiCalc feature) via the large filler aperture in the heel. To own a hassle-free ironing system be ready to shell out €100 or $133 USD.
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