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The International Exhibition of Inventions is currently running in Geneva, and every year the show manages to attract over 700 of the world’s most creative inventors. Like almost every year, labour-saving devices for people averse to exercise are a recurring theme at this year’s 36th edition. USA TODAY felt the most notable invention was be Selfy, the self-making bed. Sounds interesting eh? Lazy buggers! While inventing this bed, creator – Enrico Berruti, was actually thinking of people who are too sick or injured to make the bed on their own. A noble reason indeed! But then he goes on to admit that his laziness was also a factor for designing it. This is how the invention works. The bed sheets are connected to a couple of fasteners which roll along a set of metal rails attached to each side of the bed. Two lateral arms handle the bed linen. The bed features a mechanism at the sides with tubes on which one swathes the sides of the linen.

A button activates the tubes to smooth over the linen, while the straps at the side will tighten the sheet itself. Once the sheets are completely spread out, the metal rails automatically lower, creating a neat finish. The idea seems promising (for all the lazy people reading this – no it is not yet on sale!) and hopefully Enrico’s invention will catch the eye of a manufacturer who’s willing to hire a marketing team to come up with a better name than ‘Selfy the Easy Bed’!

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