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Although I have always enjoyed music and there is no day to pass by without having all sorts of sounds invading my ears, I’m not what you could call a genuine dancer. It’s maybe because I’m a little bit shy and that makes me worry about what people might say. So I behave myself and I dance in front of the mirror if I ever have the mood to rhythmically move my body.

But I know quite a few people that will never miss a chance to just dance. Nothing left for me to do but dance. All these bad times I’m going through. Just dance! And just because it’s easy for them, they think that it must be easy for anyone. Well, let me break the news to you, it’s not easy and it surely isn’t an amusing way to spend your free time. Of course, if you’re the one who’s on the dance floor, making a fool of yourself.

The iBoogie is one of those devices that you may not need, but you will probably want, as it is designed to attach to your MP3 player using the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. There’s an LED stick figure that will do the dancing for you, getting its groove on to the music. In addition, the iBoogie doubles as a speaker, which would probably be the main reason that would make you but it, in the first place.

If dancing stick figures don’t impress you, that iBoogie might not be the thing for you. The stick figure is “sound responsive”, so I suppose it is in tune with music, and apparently has over 50 choreographed dance moves. Moreover, if you don’t have an MP3 player at your disposal, the iBoogie also includes the song Canned Heat built-in.

The iBoogie is powered by 3 AA batteries and it comes with some audio cable. It is compatible with most MP3 players including the iPod and all you have to do is to just plug it into the headphone jack.

To sum up, the iBoogie Speaker and Dance Machine for MP3 players includes: the iBoogie unit, 3 AA batteries, an audio cable, decal and instruction manual. You can order one from the HSN website for a surprisingly low price of $19.95.

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