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Tv shows normally address to a certain category of people, depending on the format of the show and the contents displayed. There have always been entertainment TVshows, music shows, shows about cooking and other stuff, but the fast development of technology has brought the need for a different TV show – the gadget show. British television, Channel Five saw the need and the niche target audience that was not covered by the existing TV shows and started producing the Gadget Show UK. This is a TV show that focuses on technology and was first broadcast on june 7, 2004. Initially every episode lasted only thirty minutes, but in time, due to the increasing audience, they enlarged it to forty-five minutes and then to one hour.

There have been 156 episodes broadcast so far and they hope to as many as possible in the future. The show is developed  by Ewan Kein and it had four regular presenters: Susan perry, Jason Bradburry, John Bentley and Ortis Deley. They usually present a new gadget appeared on the market in a certain field of technology and review it. They talk about such modern gadgets like MP3 or MP4 players, Blu ray discs, video player and so on. They give specific details and information for an audience that is accustomed to all these technical terms, but they use a simple and explicit language that addresses the average gadget user, not necessarily to the high-tech freaks or experts. So it is detailed and specific, but mass-addressed nevertheless.


The Gadget show UK is broadcasted once a week and it also presents the latest news in technology. Sometimes the show has a separate section that is presented as a competition and gives prizes to those who do aspecific task. These prizes are usually gadgets that are worth a certain amount of money that was established from the very beginning. There is one other section of the show that refers to all kinds of exhibitions and and conferences where you normally have the possibility to see the latest gadgets being introduced. In time, new sections were added, as the show grew and was allowd more air space. One of them is the Top 5 where one of the presenters show the public which are considered to be the best five gadgets of the week or of the month, giving arguments to support the choice.


The eleventh series introduced a new topic , the “Wall of Fame” where the presenter picks a gadget of his or her choice and tries to argument why they consider it to be a turning point in the history of technology. And since we are talking about technology, the best way to keep in touch with fans and people who watch the tv show constantly was to make their own web site – the Gadget show web site which is quite instructive and easy to navigate through.

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