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Chairs can be more than a furniture object for our rooms, we all know that, and the major manufacturers of this products felt our growing interests for this, since 1990, when they started to release on the market the ergonomic chairs. Since then, the technology evolved and brought us some high- tech chairs that capture all our attention. If at that time the possibilities were so little, allowing the persons to individualize them only by height adjusting, knee tilts, movable arms rests or adjustable lumbar supports, in these days the features of a simple chair can involve unconventional methods of relaxation or true pieces of art.

For those who are computer addicted and have to spend all their time in front of their monitor, the specialist released a product that may look a little too futuristic in your room but which will offer you all the needed comfort. It have great features and bring its user into another world. It have four surround sound speakers, under the Bose company’s signature, which have  a power of 100 watts. Also it have a flat screen of 21″  and panoramic view, that contains  vibration isolation construction.

To improve the blood’s circulation, this chair can memorize your sitting positions and your personal adjustments, with the help of the memory foam. It will recycle  the legs and foot-rest support and adjustable arms with supports for keyboard and mouse. The gamers will appreciate this for sure but it isn’t a very low product, its costs can reach a 6000 dollars price.


The germans know what it is best for our comfort so they elaborated a plan for pool chairs, under the label of PC World. This it is one from the must-have gadgets for holidays.

The tech-chair, a furniture piece which can transport us directly into the future, combines multiple tech features into a simple and attractive lounger, allowing the users to do their jobs and hobbies while they taking a sun bath.


Anina Castle, the PR manager of PC world, said in a press communicate that their wish was to create a chair which can keep you connected with friends and family while we are in holidays or to make our work a little more attractive by helping us relaxing.

This cool chair have an inbuilt player for mp3s, a game console incorporated to let you enjoy your preferred games,  record your memories with the help of a camera and a camcorder, and share them with the blue tooth. It also have a little PC with a full internet wireless access, which can be used to catch up some job dead-lines. An adjustable LCD screen will let you see your movies and programs while the sun will retouch your bronze. It have speakers,  a TXT/ GPS screen, a headphone socket and an USB 2.0 network. But besides that is a very high-tech chair , it will do its duty and will protect you from sun  with the help of the solar panel which will maximize the power collection.


The Beeb Media Chair provides a LCD display of 19 inch and a stereo system of 2.1. It also have a wireless mouse and keyboard. With an innovative form and a futuristic design, this chair have some integrated cables to help you connect to your PC more easily. For a price of 3290 euro this elegant piece of furniture can be found in 2 different colors: green and cream. It have a slot for personal computer and will let you check your e-mails, enjoy a favorite movie   and play some games in a comfortable position because it can be adjusted after your body shape. It have a cushion knee- top and it will take the shape of your legs, letting you relaxing totally and helping your body’s circulation. Some people said about this high tech chair that it is nothing else than a master piece and appreciate it despite its high price and its uncomfortable hand position.

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