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Nowadays, everybody listen music. There are many types of music. Many people put music on their phone and listen it wherever they go.

Music it’s a good method to relax and forget about the problems that you have. What would be the world without the music? It will be a quiet place. Music is a direct reflection of the picture of society. There are many artists that produce good music. Of course there are people who prefer the old music and the ones who like the new music.


I found here a list with the coolest 90s songs. People love when they hear some old melodies or artists such as Backstreet Boys, Brittany Spears, Santana and many others.


The music is based on imagination. For this purpose you must have the knowledge of some music. To be an artist you must have some knowledge and musical ear. And of course if you want to make a crew or sing solo you must have some money. It cost a lot of money to record some songs in a studio. It’s also expensive if you want to buy equipment and do your own studio. It’s expensive but it’s a good method because you can record whenever you want and you can rent it for a good amount of money to other artists.


People listen music wherever they are on their i-pods, mobile phones and other devices. There are many categories of music: rock, pop, dance, rap, house and many others. People nowadays buy different speakers and other devices so that they can hear the music louder and clear with a quality sound. They also like to equip their cars with performant speakers. Many of them like to hear new music but others prefer to listen to the coolest 90s songs. The old music it’s much better in the report with the new one affirm some persons. Many of them don’t understand the music nowadays and they don’t agree with the lyrics that they have or the beat. Of course the opinions are divided and there will always be contradictory discussion.

You can achieve some discs with the coolest 90s songs from the specialized music store or online. You can listen to some melodies on youtube or other web sites that they are authorized. To download them you must pay. There are a lot of web sites full of songs and many of them are free.

When you are stressed the music is a good opportunity to relax and think more clear the situation.

All in all, the music is a part of our lives and without it the world will be an empty space. If you like the old songs then buy some discs with the coolest 90s songs.

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